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Microbiz offers impact investment packages that guarantee secured and competitive returns for our partners as well as creating life changing solutions for the micro, small, and medium scale enterprises in Nigeria.

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Why Impact Investment?

We drive impact investments, with the aim of promoting social and economic improvement for everyday people.

We strive to take financial inclusion to the last mile, in Nigeria and Africa, by ensuring access to finance for the unbanked and underbanked, especially in the rural and sub-urban areas of the country.

Your investments, will ensure this vision is actualized, on a sustainable basis.

Simple Investments with Good Returns

Invest with as low as N500,000.00, and you can get as high as 12% returns on investments per annum. Smart investment options that ensure you can save no matter how little.

Simplified Investments

With Microbiz, you can invest as low as N500,000.00. This ensures everyone is brought on board. You can earn good returns on your investment!

High Returns

When you invest with Microbiz, you can earn as high as 12% per annum on your principal investment. Relax while your money works for you.

Build your wealth the easy and secure way!

list-image High returns on Investment

list-image Funds Security Guaranteed

list-image Easily Access your Funds on Maturity

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We are committed to making impact... You’re welcome to join us!

It is of great fulfilment for us to utilize technology in ensuring the following SDGs are actualized: No poverty, Gender Equality, Decent Work and Economic growth, Industry, innovation and infrastructure, and Partnership for the Goals.

So, why not invest with us, let’s drive this vision.

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Customer Testimonials

Since launching in May 2021, our 2,500+ customers have great things to say about the impact we have made!

Strategic Partnerships

We drive strategic partnerships with developmental organizations in both financial and other sectors, focused on our vision of driving financial inclusion to the last mile.


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