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Sustainable business models require synchronizing asymetric information to innovate and create market intelligence for competitive edge. We provide these services free-of-charge to our clients as their sutainable partners.

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Nigeria is one of the fastest growing countries in Africa.

Businesses are growing at unprecedented rates in the Nigerian environment. However, the environment is not without risks and challenges.

Microbiz as an advisory partner, understands the, industry and business challenges, and will help you make informed business decisions that will ensure you work smarter, and grow faster.

Why you Need Us

Microbiz provides deep knowledge and extensive industry experience to assist you in addressing diverse business challenges beyond providing traditional services.

Market Intelligence

We will help you determine the market acceptance strategies suitable for your products and services.

Financial Expertise

Get informed on what, when, why, where, and how much to spend and/or invest to ensure and upward growth for your business, and good returns on investment.

Customer Experience

Be equipped with the right steps to ensure better user experience for your customers, specifically for your services.

Sustainable Partnerships

We will equally advise you with the right people or businesses to partner with in order to ensure you start and grow right.

Customer Testimonials

Since launching in May 2021, our 2,500+ customers have great things to say about the impact we have made!

Strategic Partnerships

We drive strategic partnerships with developmental organizations in both financial and other sectors, focused on our vision of driving financial inclusion to the last mile.


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